What to do When Your Rental House is Designated as Historic

What does it mean to have your building designated as historic?

When your building has been designated as historic it means it has been officially recognized by the Landmarks Preservation Commission as having cultural or historical value. This means that your house plays a vital part in the architectural heritage of your City. This means that any building alterations, demolition or reconstruction have to be approved.

Is your house within a historic district?

Areas of the city that have unique historical significance can be designated as historical districts. These areas represent a period of the city’s architectural history. They houses found within a historic district have different styles representing an era.

If you want to find out if your building is designated as historic you can check the properties listed by the Landmark Commission as historic.

When your building is listed as historic you must get the approval of the Commission in order for you to get any modifications done. The building is protected by the legislation for the historic property. You must get a permit to carry out any kind of repairs whether interior or exterior.

As a landlord of a historic building you have certain obligations under law:

  • Before carrying out any work on the building, you must get prior approval from the authorities
  • You must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Landmark Commission
  • You must ensure that the historic building you own is well maintained such that the condition of the interior and exterior does not deteriorate.

Tenants must be informed about the building’s historic status

post2As a landlord, you must inform your tenants about the building’s historic status. This is a requirement by law and, therefore, any commercial tenants must be aware that the building is under the protection of the Landmarks law. Hence, the tenants are not allowed to make any modifications on the building without the approval of the commission. As the owner of the historic building it is your responsibility, if a tenant makes any unapproved alterations then you will both be held accountable. You can a hire a quality property management company to help you maintain the conditions of the buildings.

New Buyers of historic houses must be aware of the historic status

You hold the right to sell your historical building however you must inform the buyer that the building is listed as a historic house. The new owner must also adhere to rules and regulations for the building’s preservation.Historic houses must be restored and preserved whether they are used for commercial purposes or not. This is part of the cultural and historical heritage of any City.