Refinish Hardwood Floors without Sanding

Sanding has been the most preferred method for refinishing floors for a while now. The solution was to sand down any hardwood floor problem regardless of its nature. Sanding down floors is not always the best solution especially when it is done repeatedly for a number of times. Homeowners need to be aware just how far floor sanding can go.

Floor refinishing without sanding

Refinish hardwood floors for old houses with severely worn out floors is a delicate task. Some old floors for houses that are close to 100 years old have lost a lot of wood cannot be sanded further down. These historic houses are some of the most treasured homes in the best neighborhoods. The floors have aged more than the house and any sanding will make the floor disintegrate and split. The old wood floors are some of the finest and must be preserved.

Sanding should be the last option

Without sanding floorSanding hardwood floors should not always be the first option. In fact, it is best avoided sometimes. Before you consider sanding floors, you should weigh the other options available carefully. You can thoroughly clean the floor to identify any floors and need for sanding. The other options include recoating, painting, passive refinishing or the use of less abrasive sanding equipment. You must be extremely careful with delicate original old floors because once they are destroyed the process is irreversible.

Hire Professional Housecleaning Services

In case, your house is more than sixty years old then you need to hire the professionals who understand old wood floors. They must not use conventional sanding methods otherwise they might damage the floors. Remember the floor is old and brittle and will be destroyed by the sanding machines. The floor refinishing crew are likely to be fast something that could eventually destroy the delicate wood floor. There may be more concerned with their next project rather than give your old floors the care and time it needs. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company to carefully clean the floor without sanding.

Delicate old wood floors have little wood to spare

Old wood floors may not have a lot of wood to spare. Homes that go back as far as 1950’s could have floors that lost so much wood. Hire a professional house cleaning company that has experience with old wood floors. Their methods should be able to preserve the remaining wood and actually determine if there is any need for sanding. Old historic houses are a great cultural resource and their wood floors make part of the heritage.