Professional Attic Spring Cleaning Tips

Now that your bathroom floor and kitchen countertops are sanitized and sparkling, the living room carpet vacuumed and you have pretty much finished cleaning everything else, what is left to do? Well, you need to look up and realize the attic is one of the most neglected places in the entire house. Let’s just say cleaning the attic is not exactly the most favorite house cleaning chore. Nonetheless, the attic is an ideal breeding ground for mold, dust and numerous other allergens and respiratory irritants that ooze into the living area and can affect the health of your family.
Cleaning the attic will improve the indoor air quality saving your family from allergies and countless illnesses. A clean attic will allow your creative juices to flow with regard to transforming the space. The attic is a functional space that can be used as a store or transformed into a living space or office.
Here are the steps you involved when cleaning the attic:
First, make sure you wear a protective mask especially if a few months have gone by since the last cleaning. Check for any signs of mold, seal all the cracked caulking on the roof and windows, and hire an expert to deal with any severe mold problem.
Before starting to clean the attic you need to clear it of all the furniture, souvenirs, storage boxes and window treatments. Alternatively, you can stack all the items in one corner if they are bulky and cannot be moved down the staircase and later clean the spot only after putting back all the items to their respective places. The dust and allergens on the window treatments can be easily cleaned off in the washing machine.
Use an electrostatically charged cloth or feather duster to dust all the surfaces including walls, rafters, baseboards and window frames. Use multiple dusters or clean the duster once it gets covered with dust. Remember to dust the door frames, fan blades, lighting fixtures etc.
Vacuum the entire floor surface using a vacuum cleaner fitted with a filter and bag to trap all the microscopic dust particles. Vacuuming will eliminate all the dust mites, allergens, hackles and dead insects. Dusting and vacuuming tasks are not recommended for people with allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma, it is best to hire expert attic cleaning services.
Find a squeegee with a long handle and clean the attic windows using a glass cleaner. Put back all the furniture and other items in their places. Dust and polish the furniture then vacuum carpets and rugs. Clean the corner you used to stack the furniture and the rest of the items.

According to the cleaning services jersey city you must also think about how to prevent the growth of mold in the attic in the future. Apart from removing mold, you must also solve the moisture problem particularly if you live in an old house. Talk to a professional contractor to correct the ventilation problems in the attic. The attic needs to dry out completely either by improving the ventilation or installing dehumidifiers. This will help to protect the rest of your house which is your biggest investment.

Now you can start thinking of what to do with your clean attic space.