The historic houses in Montgomery, Texas that have been passed from one generation to the next have a special cultural and historical significance. The owners of these historic houses who are the family descendants of those who constructed them are the best guardians for their preservation. We have hundreds of members in our society throughout Montgomery, Texas. The historic houses include both large and small houses and their respective contents, pieces of art, gardens etc. all the things that contribute to the heritage of Montgomery, Texas.

Full Membership

heritage festival of Montgomery, Texas.Historic property owners in Montgomery get Full Membership. The property must be designated as historic to be eligible for full membership. The County of Montgomery identifies and lists all the property that is considered to be of architectural significance. Full membership is available to individuals, families, institutions or corporates.

Associates Membership

The Associates Membership for all friends and families who care about the preservation of the cultural heritage of Montgomery through the restoration and maintenance of historic houses. Their support is indeed invaluable and they get exclusive membership cards to visit the historic houses around open to the public.Members benefit from seminars that discuss the promotion of historic houses and other issues such as security. Forming a network of historically conscious people who share their experiences and advice on the best restoration practices as well meet other professionals.

How do I join?

Well, we welcome members to join our society. If your property in Montgomery, Texas is listed as having historic importance then we appeal to you to apply for Full Membership in our society. We will work with you to ensure your property is fully restored and preserved.Even if you do not own any listed property you can still become an Associate member and support the efforts to preserve the historic houses in Montgomery.




The city of Montgomery, Texas may be small in size and population, but it is the most friendly and relaxed place in the whole country. It is rich in history being the third oldest city in Texas and renowned as the birthplace of the Texas Lone Star Flag.In Montgomery, Texas you will find some of the oldest and most beautiful historic houses that date back to the 1850’s. These historic residential areas showcase the country lifestyle of Montgomery from the time the first settlers arrived in the 19th Century.

The historic homes in Montgomery, Texas are open for viewing and visitors can get a taste of the history here.

membership 1The history of Montgomery is the story of Texas and its official flag and seal which was created by the first Secretary of State for Texas W.W. Shepperd who was both a pharmacist and a Montgomery postmaster. In 1839, the flag and seal were approved by President Lamar.A man named W.W. Shepperd founded the town of Montgomery in 1837 in the middle of the Lake Creek Settlement. W.W. Shepperd together with John Wyatt Moody named the town Montgomery after the Montgomery County, Alabama where John Moody worked as the County Clerk. The name Montgomery refers to Lemuel P. Montgomery who died in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.

Montgomery which began in 1826 as a trading post had its first school built in 1839 and later became the City of Montgomery in 1848. From the 1850s’ there were a lot of buildings constructed and some of these building have become the historic houses we see today. Some of them are still occupied by the descendant families of those who built them.Montgomery had grown to become the county seat of Texas. It had several hotels, cotton gins, boarding houses with lawyers, doctors, dentists etc. and was crisscrossed by railroads by 1900s. Later when the County seat was moved to Conroe, Texas as a result of the railroads by passing the town, Montgomery went to back to being the relaxed country town we know today. Visitors in Montgomery, Texas will be amazed at the architectural heritage that can be seen in the existing historic houses.

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