Historic Montgomery Texas Society



The Historic Montgomery Texas society is the leading organization for historic preservation in the Texas. For the last two decades, we have been restoring the history of Montgomery through it historic houses. We educate the community about the history of Montgomery and the need to preserve and restore historic buildings and neighborhoods.

Our members are not only owners of historic houses and castles but also history enthusiasts committed to preserving the history of Montgomery. The historic houses also feature historic gardens that showcase the heritage and culture of the people of Montgomery.

Some of these historic houses open their doors to tourists and visitors to sample the cultural heritage of Montgomery, Texas. They are amazing places for events such as weddings, films etc. Our members benefit from funding, tax exemptions and ideas on how to restore their historic houses. In return, they keep the houses in good shape for future generations.

The Historic Montgomery Texas society was established with the aim of assisting the private owners of such historic property to preserve them for the rest of the nation. We are able to undertake vital task of marketing and lobbying on behalf of our member houses.

We organize seminars and events for our members to meet and discuss the challenges and share ideas on the best practices for restoring historic houses without eroding the historical and cultural heritage. We help our members get funding for the repair and maintenance of the historic homes.

Our membership is open to all historic house owners and family and friends who are committed to the preservation of the history and heritage of Montgomery, Texas.



The mission of Historic Montgomery Texas Society is the preservation and promotion of the privately owned historic houses along with their contents, gardens and parks that play a part in the rich cultural heritage of Montgomery.

The society seeks to meet its mission through:

missionHelping the owners of historic houses in the preservation and restoration of the buildings, their contents, fabric and environment in line with the legislation to protect the historic architecture and heritage for public interest and future generations.Offering advice on the maintenance and management of historic houses for public presentation through the restoration of the properties for public viewing and participation.

Involving the national and local authorities in the protection of historical houses through policies that encourage the preservation of these properties by the owners, guardians and the public at large.Encouraging private owners of historic property to engage with all stakeholders concerned with the preservation of the cultural heritage such as the Government, museums, universities and other educational institutions concerned with culture and arts, tourism etc. while protecting the interest of the private owners’ families.

Maintaining a large database of all the historic properties in Montgomery, Texas.Providing professional assistance to members when required to ensure that historic houses are restored, maintained and protected.Identify and implement other methods of achieving the mission to restore and preserve the historic houses.

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