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Committed to Preserving the history of Montgomery, Texas

Montgomery, Texas is a City that has a rich history that goes all the way back to 1826 when it started as a trading post. It is the birthplace of the renowned Texas Lone Star Flag. With a population of a little over 500, the people of Montgomery are proud of their amazing and friendly town. Montgomery has some of the most beautiful historic houses that were built as early as 1850’s.

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Historic Montgomery Texas is a society that firmly believes in the preservation of historic architecture in Montgomery. The cultural resource that these historic houses represent is invaluable. These historic houses and their accessories make up the cultural and historical evidence of Montgomery, Texas.  Through the historic houses, gardens, parks etc. that existed and continue to exist, we learn the key role they played in the social and economic life of the people that lived in those communities.



Historic Houses



The cultural heritage of Montgomery must be preserved through the historic houses that still exist today. This is important not only locally but also nationally. The state of Texas has recognized the cultural heritage of the County of Montgomery through legislation to preserve the historic houses. This is a matter of public interest not only for the current generation but also the coming generations in the future. Historic houses have valuable cultural and historical value. The privately owned historic houses that have been passed downed from one generation to the other are uniquely valuable.



Historic Garden



The families that own these historic houses normally have the artifacts and archives which significantly add to the historical and cultural significance of these houses. The historic houses convey a rich history of the local area. Through our society, we lobby for the preservation of these historic houses in Montgomery, Texas. We involve the private owners of historic houses and share valuable tips on restoring the houses to their former glory. We ensure that the historical and cultural heritage of these houses are maintained even if the houses are sold to new owners. Become a member of the Montgomery Historic Texas and take part in the preservation and restoration of the historic houses.



The mission of Historic Montgomery Texas Society is the preservation and promotion of the privately owned historic houses along with their contents, gardens and parks that play a part in the rich cultural heritage of Montgomery.



The historic houses in Montgomery, Texas that have been passed from one generation to the next have a special cultural and historical significance. The owners of these historic houses who are the family descendants of those who constructed them are the best guardians for their preservation.



The historic houses in Montgomery, Texas that have been passed from one generation to the next have a special cultural and historical significance. The owners of these historic houses who are the family descendants of those who constructed them are the best guardians for their preservation.

Professional Attic Spring Cleaning Tips

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Now that your bathroom floor and kitchen countertops are sanitized and sparkling, the living room carpet vacuumed and you have pretty much finished cleaning everything else, what is left to do? Well, you need to look up and realize the attic is one of the most neglected places in the entire house. Let’s just say cleaning the attic is not exactly the most favorite house cleaning chore. Nonetheless, the attic is an ideal breeding ground for mold, dust and numerous other allergens and respiratory irritants that ooze into the living area and can affect the health of your family.
Cleaning the attic will improve the indoor air quality saving your family from allergies and countless illnesses. A clean attic will allow your creative juices to flow with regard to transforming the space. The attic is a functional space that can be used as a store or transformed into a living space or office.
Here are the steps you involved when cleaning the attic:
First, make sure you wear a protective mask especially if a few months have gone by since the last cleaning. Check for any signs of mold, seal all the cracked caulking on the roof and windows, and hire an expert to deal with any severe mold problem.
Before starting to clean the attic you need to clear it of all the furniture, souvenirs, storage boxes and window treatments. Alternatively, you can stack all the items in one corner if they are bulky and cannot be moved down the staircase and later clean the spot only after putting back all the items to their respective places. The dust and allergens on the window treatments can be easily cleaned off in the washing machine.
Use an electrostatically charged cloth or feather duster to dust all the surfaces including walls, rafters, baseboards and window frames. Use multiple dusters or clean the duster once it gets covered with dust. Remember to dust the door frames, fan blades, lighting fixtures etc.
Vacuum the entire floor surface using a vacuum cleaner fitted with a filter and bag to trap all the microscopic dust particles. Vacuuming will eliminate all the dust mites, allergens, hackles and dead insects. Dusting and vacuuming tasks are not recommended for people with allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma, it is best to hire expert attic cleaning services.
Find a squeegee with a long handle and clean the attic windows using a glass cleaner. Put back all the furniture and other items in their places. Dust and polish the furniture then vacuum carpets and rugs. Clean the corner you used to stack the furniture and the rest of the items.

According to the cleaning services jersey city you must also think about how to prevent the growth of mold in the attic in the future. Apart from removing mold, you must also solve the moisture problem particularly if you live in an old house. Talk to a professional contractor to correct the ventilation problems in the attic. The attic needs to dry out completely either by improving the ventilation or installing dehumidifiers. This will help to protect the rest of your house which is your biggest investment.

Now you can start thinking of what to do with your clean attic space.

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Staying warm in an old house

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Keeping warm in an old house can be a tricky affair. Some of the rooms will be freezing while others will be very warm. The house can get pretty uncomfortable and the heating bills will skyrocket. However, there you can do something to save the situation and it involves making a few fixes that you could do yourself or hire a professional contractor.

The house remains cold despite your efforts  

Staying warm in an old houseIn case, your old house remains frigid cold even though the heating system is working full time then probably all the heat escapes. The solution to this problem is to insulate thoroughly. The first place to begin the insulation is the attic because as we know it hot air rises. Find a professional contractor to help with the wall insulation if you do not want to mess with the plaster or wiring. In case, the floor has some space for insulation then utilize it, especially in the much colder northern climate. Ensure all the heat is kept inside by fixing the windows and doors.

Little room for installing new heating systems

You may wish to install a new heating system, but your old house may have no room to fit it in.  The old house designs did not have much room and did not include closets.  The solution in this scenario, for instance, would be to use dry radiant systems. The systems increase the floor insulation while reducing the room height by just an inch. It is the best method to make use of the small space in your old house. Find out more about radiant heating and select the most appropriate type to make your old house warm.

Utilize the existing heating system in the old house

The historic houses had their own heating systems that could be still of be of use such as the boiler system. The outdated radiators in the old boiler systems would, however, need to be upgraded so as to be more efficient. Ensure the wood stoves and fireplaces are working efficiently generating enough heat for the house.

Seal off all drafts

Once the insulation is working and the heat running now you need to handle the drafts that could be increasing your heating bills. You must seal all the drafts and insulate all hidden outlets such as wiring and switches using weather stripping insulating pads. Use heavy-duty caulk and thick plastic film to seal old wood windows and all hidden vents.

Consider other heating alternatives

During the winter time, your heating bills can become too much to bear and you may have to find other heating alternatives. Consider using a wood stove since firewood is cheap and you can combine it with other methods of heating to stay warm. Besides firewood, there is coal, oil fuels, and natural gas.  Find out other alternative heating fuels that you can utilize to keep warm in an old house during winter.

There are more alternatives for houses that have ductwork already installed to reduce the heating bills through furnace upgrades. It is a huge investment that eventually pays off with significant yearly savings on utility bills.

Before the winter season kicks in, try to explore your options whether it is the old boiler system, geothermal heating, wood stoves, natural gas, radiant heating system or proper insulation and sealing off drafts. Find the best heating combination that will reduce your utility bills and help you stay warm during the coldest months.

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What to do When Your Rental House is Designated as Historic

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What does it mean to have your building designated as historic?

When your building has been designated as historic it means it has been officially recognized by the Landmarks Preservation Commission as having cultural or historical value. This means that your house plays a vital part in the architectural heritage of your City. This means that any building alterations, demolition or reconstruction have to be approved.

Is your house within a historic district?

Areas of the city that have unique historical significance can be designated as historical districts. These areas represent a period of the city’s architectural history. They houses found within a historic district have different styles representing an era.

If you want to find out if your building is designated as historic you can check the properties listed by the Landmark Commission as historic.

When your building is listed as historic you must get the approval of the Commission in order for you to get any modifications done. The building is protected by the legislation for the historic property. You must get a permit to carry out any kind of repairs whether interior or exterior.

As a landlord of a historic building you have certain obligations under law:

  • Before carrying out any work on the building, you must get prior approval from the authorities
  • You must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Landmark Commission
  • You must ensure that the historic building you own is well maintained such that the condition of the interior and exterior does not deteriorate.

Tenants must be informed about the building’s historic status

post2As a landlord, you must inform your tenants about the building’s historic status. This is a requirement by law and, therefore, any commercial tenants must be aware that the building is under the protection of the Landmarks law. Hence, the tenants are not allowed to make any modifications on the building without the approval of the commission. As the owner of the historic building it is your responsibility, if a tenant makes any unapproved alterations then you will both be held accountable. You can a hire a quality property management company to help you maintain the conditions of the buildings.

New Buyers of historic houses must be aware of the historic status

You hold the right to sell your historical building however you must inform the buyer that the building is listed as a historic house. The new owner must also adhere to rules and regulations for the building’s preservation.Historic houses must be restored and preserved whether they are used for commercial purposes or not. This is part of the cultural and historical heritage of any City.

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Refinish Hardwood Floors without Sanding

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Sanding has been the most preferred method for refinishing floors for a while now. The solution was to sand down any hardwood floor problem regardless of its nature. Sanding down floors is not always the best solution especially when it is done repeatedly for a number of times. Homeowners need to be aware just how far floor sanding can go.

Floor refinishing without sanding

Refinish hardwood floors for old houses with severely worn out floors is a delicate task. Some old floors for houses that are close to 100 years old have lost a lot of wood cannot be sanded further down. These historic houses are some of the most treasured homes in the best neighborhoods. The floors have aged more than the house and any sanding will make the floor disintegrate and split. The old wood floors are some of the finest and must be preserved.

Sanding should be the last option

Without sanding floorSanding hardwood floors should not always be the first option. In fact, it is best avoided sometimes. Before you consider sanding floors, you should weigh the other options available carefully. You can thoroughly clean the floor to identify any floors and need for sanding. The other options include recoating, painting, passive refinishing or the use of less abrasive sanding equipment. You must be extremely careful with delicate original old floors because once they are destroyed the process is irreversible.

Hire Professional Housecleaning Services

In case, your house is more than sixty years old then you need to hire the professionals who understand old wood floors. They must not use conventional sanding methods otherwise they might damage the floors. Remember the floor is old and brittle and will be destroyed by the sanding machines. The floor refinishing crew are likely to be fast something that could eventually destroy the delicate wood floor. There may be more concerned with their next project rather than give your old floors the care and time it needs. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company to carefully clean the floor without sanding.

Delicate old wood floors have little wood to spare

Old wood floors may not have a lot of wood to spare. Homes that go back as far as 1950’s could have floors that lost so much wood. Hire a professional house cleaning company that has experience with old wood floors. Their methods should be able to preserve the remaining wood and actually determine if there is any need for sanding. Old historic houses are a great cultural resource and their wood floors make part of the heritage.

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Maintain the Historic Wood Windows

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All across the nation people are busy replacing the historic wood windows because they are convinced it is part of their environmental responsibility to become energy efficient. This is what the manufacturers of windows have made us believe that replacing the historic wood windows is actually part of the energy conservation effort. The result of this initiative is that historic buildings are losing their character as a cultural heritage. The original window which had highly quality wood is now replaced with fewer quality materials like vinyl, wood composite or aluminum. Is not more sustainable or greener to repair rather than replace the wooden windows?

Windows lose less heat compared to walls and roofing

WindowAccording to research the old style wood-frame buildings do not lose heat through windows rather more heat is lost through un-insulated roofs and walls. You can make the old wood windows equally energy efficient by repairing, maintaining and fitting them with a storm window. Eventually, you do not get much financial saving by replacing the old single pane window. The historic wood windows will last much longer than the new windows.

Old wood windows were more durable

Replacement of old wood windows may be necessary if they are severely dilapidated. Nonetheless, historic wood windows if possible must be repaired especially because they had individual parts. The wood used to make the historic windows was of higher quality meaning that is denser and resistant to warp and rot compared to the wood used today.

Preserving architectural heritage

Therefore, it is more practical to repair the historic windows rather than replace them completely. Besides being more sustainable repairing the windows is part of the restoration and maintenance of the building’s cultural authenticity. A historic building must have be maintained in its original form and material or else its heritage will be eroded.

The following are some of the reasons you should consider keeping your historic windows:

  • You can save more energy by improving the insulation of your roof and walls instead of replacing your windows.
  • Do not believe what manufacturers say about the lifetime of their windows. Your old windows will last longer than the new windows because they have better quality wood. PVC or vinyl which is used in the production of new windows is toxic to produce and therefore not “green”.
  • Wood that was used over sixty years ago was much denser and highly durable. Therefore replacing such high-quality wood is not reasonable. That kind of wood is not easy to find nowadays.
  • If you repair, maintain historic windows and fit the storm windows then they become equally energy efficient as the current ones.
  • Replacing historic windows does not offer any financial savings in terms of energy saved.
  • Replacement of the historic windows only adds to waste management problems we already have as a result of demolitions.
  • Repairing old windows requires exceptional woodwork skills, therefore, stimulating the economy by providing jobs.
  • The cultural heritage and history are maintained when the historic windows are fixed.

You can still maintain your old wood windows and still keep warm in your old house. This is important because the windows also represent the culture and heritage of your region and it must be preserved for future generations.

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